Take away the bed and other essential things that make the bedroom conducive to relaxing and the room will be reduced to a utility space without any particular function. Likewise, removing the following items from the bathroom will create a similar effect.

#1 Mirror

This will not only help you appreciate your reflection before and after taking a bath, it can add appeal to the entire space.

#2 Lighting

The slippery floor, a freshly soaped body, and dim bathroom surroundings can create a perfect recipe for disaster. Hence, it is a must that the john be installed with ample amounts of light from a suitable source.

#3 Mats

Having a shower and a bath mat is necessary as these will protect you from slipping within the area and keep your feet clean and dry as you head back to bed.

#4 Shower Curtain

While you have installed the latest digital showers in every bathroom in the house, it will be a shame not to pair them with distinct curtains.

#5 Towels

Because you are bound to get wet in the bathroom, it is best to have a bunch of these stored somewhere – like say, in an elegant vanity table. But, for aesthetic reasons, choose those with prints that complement your stylish bathing area.

#6 Toothbrush Holder

Although using an unused glass to keep your brushes seems like a practical choice – wait until it falls down on the toilet floor along with the toothbrushes. Indeed, it makes sense to use a detachable toothbrush holder.

#7 Cleaning Supplies

Just like every room in the residence, your own bathroom needs to be cleaned up every once in a while. But, to encourage you to do so often, place the appropriate cleaning supplies within easy reach.

#8 Magazine Rack

Getting stranded on your state-of-the-art Toto toilet without any form of entertainment in hand can be a total drag. So, before boredom overwhelms you during your long morning poo, have a magazine rack nearby.

#9 Toiletries Rack

Of course, a bathroom can never be one without having a complete set of toiletries. But, as you get the most essential items in, get them organised with this indispensable item.

#10 Toilet

While this one is normally pre-installed in most bathrooms, you can choose to replace it with one that is eco-friendly and functional like an advanced Toto toilet. Choosing a best toilet is also a complicated decision. Matt Mertz on his blog solved this problem for us. Check his website for all details about choosing a Best Toilet.